LCMS disaster assessment begins

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  1. John Overbey says:

    I want to know if any of our LCMS Churches in North or South Carolina where physically effected by the flooding and if so which ones?

    Thank You

    1. Janet says:

      Great question. I would like to know too.

  2. There was one LCMS church, that we know of, that sustained damage. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia sustained some water damage in their narthex. Their basement area also had water come in and were forced to buy a pump to pump it out. A number of other congregations had members who were directly affected, particularly in the Myrtle Beach and Charleston area (though not limited to those areas). I’d say roughly 10 congregations in South Carolina had 1 or more member directly affected. Of course, their communities have thousands upon thousands of homes that are now uninhabitable. Assessments are still ongoing and Immediate needs are being met via flood buckets and gift cards. A long term action plan will be formulated in the coming weeks. Thank you for your concern and your continued prayers!

    -LCMS Disaster Response