South Carolina

Caring Lutherans bring Christ’s mercy in year of distressing disasters

Disaster-recovery efforts continue in Baton Rouge, California, the Carolinas and Haiti — all struck by untimely catastrophes this year.

Photo essay: Devastation of Hurricane Matthew from the Caribbean to the Carolinas

Synod disaster responders visit Haiti and the Carolinas in the wake of Hurricane Matthew to assess and broaden aid to victims.

Visits help disaster responders plan further aid for Hurricane Matthew victims

Synod disaster responders visit victims to assess the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew amid flooding in the Carolinas and an outbreak of cholera in Haiti.

Long Term Disaster Response Is Not Glamorous

The fact is that long term rebuilding is difficult and is not glamorous. However, LCMS Disaster Response is committed to helping communities rebuild for up to three years after a disaster has torn apart lives and homes. LCMS congregations are anchors in their community. They serve as a lighthouse of the Gospel and they can be a mercy center for helping others in a time of need.

LCMS disaster assessment begins

The massive amount of rain has burst dams and blocked roads. Pastors Denninger and Meyer discuss the differences between this disaster and Hurricane Hugo as they determine how to best serve the needs of the community and help with recovery.