Church and culture: A call to repentance

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  1. Dean Mansfield says:

    Very timely and appropriate message.

  2. Jeff Diegel says:

    I grew up a Lutheran but also have common sense. Everything on earth is made with atoms that have to be so balanced, so they do NOT explode or come apart it is only possible through God the Creator. Plus, the power and energy of splitting atoms (nuclear energy, bombs) gives you a hint at the POWER of the CREATOR who made everything! Everything also had to have male and females to live and keep on producing (life on earth). All plants and animals plus everything had to be made at once for everything to live off of it (food). The atmosphere had to be perfect too. The list goes on and on. Plus, our sun and all the stars to have the ability to stay burning very long periods of time and stay the same so we do NOT freeze or fry to death. That’s why I have faith, mainly common sense.


    Thank you for clearing that up. All the talk of wokeism in seminary was worrying to me. If the LCMS strays from the word of God as spoken in the Bible I don’t know what I would do.

  4. JOHN.PENNER says:

    The world should not control what the church teaches to have the world teach my kids godly things would scare the hell out of me .that’s the parent’s job and pastors?!

  5. john says:

    Church and Culture – what an excellent article for today’s woke society. This is a “must read” for adults and youth alike. Wake up and smell the coffee of today’s world, but don’t be fooled drink the kool aide!

  6. Douglas Cerzosimo says:

    Thank you sir – I desperately needed this reading today. My suffering mind and heart thank you.

  7. Brian Miller says:

    Thank you Rev Dr Harrison for speaking the truth. Your words are encouraging and need to be heard by all.

  8. Douglas MacDonald says:

    Fantastic! Thank you for your insight and God bless you, sir.

  9. Paul says:

    Interesting that you cite “Without God, humans decide the value, or lack thereof, of life.” How can humans trust a genocidal God, who has decided the value of millions of lives in genocidal retribution, spite, or nationalist fervor. Perhaps we resent being His play toy, being snapped into and out of existence for unclear reasons. Perhaps we, the living, know the value of life more than an invisible slaughterer ever could, because it is precious to us in a way it cannot be to an everlasting being.