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An honest question deserves an honest answer

The Church doesn’t need to consult humanity to gain understanding of all its excuses for despising God’s Word. What the Church needs is to understand God’s Word herself.

Because It’s There

The Church is the only place where theoretical science still exists.

Treasures in Church Attics

Let us rediscover the heart and soul of the Reformation–the great hymns of the 16th and 17th centuries.

A Guide to Raising Christian Children

The goal is not just to raise adults, but to raise up husbands and wives, fathers and mothers.

Tell Me, If You Have Understanding

Where do people look for answers to the big questions of life?

The Phoniness of Easter

In reality, Easter seems to be almost anticlimactic in our churches and lives.

The Church Is His

We care for foreigners. But it is not the Church’s duty to solicit their arrival by means of promoting public policy. It is the Church’s duty to preach the Gospel to all who need to hear it.

Not Equality, But Complementarity

Should Christians stop using the term “equality” when it comes to gender issues?

Lent and Easter 101

The darkness of Good Friday gives way to the light of the early Easter morning.

Angry and Bitter Hearts

God helps us with our anger by reminding us of His mercy.

Annunciation: In the Midst of Lent, Joy

If your Lent has been lacking joy, you’re doing it wrong.

Living as Christians in an Age of Ultra-Surveillance

Lent is an ideal time for us to reexamine our lives.

What We Do When We Teach Our Children to Pray

What do we do when we teach children to pray? We lead them to speak to their true Father.

Storming the Gates of Paradise

While transhumanists hope to prolong life by halting aging processes, they can’t make sure the parachute opens when you try sky-diving on your 650th birthday.

Living in Real Time

During Lent we slow down to real time.

The Insignificant

It’s common for us to forget the theme that runs through the Scriptures: God works His great wonders through the humblest and most unregarded of means.