Audio: Rev. Day Discusses LCMS Dissolving Memorandum of Understanding with BSA

The Rev. Bart Day, executive director of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Office of National Mission, recently discussed the formal dissolution of the Memorandum of Understanding between the LCMS and the Boy Scouts of America.

Photo gallery: Caring for refugees in Germany

With more than a million Middle Eastern asylum-seekers, flooding into Europe, a new mission field is growing exponentially for the Selbständige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche (SELK), a church body that has been actively receiving refugees and catechizing them for decades.

KFUO Audio: Lutheran Young Adult Corps

The Rev. Mark Kiessling and Julianna Shults, LCMS Office of National Mission, discuss the development of the new Lutheran Young Adult Corps. The Corps provides 2-10 month opportunities to serve for adults ages 18-26.

Erik Stanley
KFUO Audio: Free to be Faithful interview with Erik Stanley

Attorney Erik Stanley (Alliance Defending Freedom) and KFUO moderator Kip Allen discuss the impact of religious liberty on schools and students and talks about preparing religious institutions from secular challenges.

Audio: 2015 Infertility Ethics Symposium

LCMS Life Ministry’s second-annual Infertility Ethics Symposium was held on Nov. 7 at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Photo essay: Well Done!

Two new wells in Malawi, Africa, are made possible by some $24,000 in LCMS grants.

KFUO Audio: Interview with Stephanie Neugebauer, director, LCMS Life and Health Ministries

World Lutheran News Digest host Kip Allen talked with Stephanie Neugebauer, the new director of LCMS Life and Health Ministries, on Oct. 17 on Worldwide KFUO Radio.

LCMS Urban & Inner-City Mission documentary: ‘We Believe in the Resurrection’

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Urban and Inner-City Mission presents a documentary that recounts the nearly five-year journey of a church and its community rebounding amid inner-city strife and socio-economic challenges.

KFUO Audio: 2017 Reformation Celebration and Stand with Your Community Grant Program

The Rev. Randy Golter, special assistant to the president and director of the Synod’s Reformation celebration, talked with KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates on Oct. 14 about plans for the 2017 Reformation celebration and the Stand with Your Community Grant program.

LCMS Specialized Pastoral Ministry — Educational Event Video Presentations

Watch presentations from the 2015 SPM events, LCMS Emergency Services Chaplaincy (ESC) Conference and LCMS Specialized Pastoral Ministry in the Realm of the Left Hand.

KFUO Audio: Disasters and Mercy

KFUO Radio host Andy Bates talked on Oct. 7 with the Rev. Terry Makelin, the Rev. Tom Heren and the Rev. Seth Clemmer about the life and mercy work of their congregations in the wake of disaster in their communities.

LCMS disaster assessment begins

The massive amount of rain has burst dams and blocked roads. Pastors Denninger and Meyer discuss the differences between this disaster and Hurricane Hugo as they determine how to best serve the needs of the community and help with recovery.

Photo gallery: “Let’s Talk Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty”

Members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod attended the “Let’s Talk Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty” conference on Sept. 8-10 in Washington, D.C.

Photo gallery: Place of Refuge – Milwaukee

A Place of Refuge Ministries of South Wisconsin, which is based in Milwaukee, offers Christian care to women facing crisis pregnancy.

Photo gallery: Prince of Peace Lutheran – Orlando, Fla.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Orlando, Fla., hosted a worship service and Bible class on Sunday, Sept. 13.

Photo gallery: Y4Life servant event in Florida

Lutherans For Life hosted a YFLife servant event on Saturday, Sept. 12, in the Orlando, Fla., area.