‘Crowdfunding’ project aims to provide books for kids in Kenya

There are just two weeks left to raise the remaining $1,023 for the “Christ’s Care for Children: Libraries in Kenya” project.

KFUO Audio: Interview about LCMS Mercy Medical Teams

KFUO Radio host Andy Bates talks with Tracy Quaethem and volunteers about LCMS Mercy Medical Teams. Quaethem, of LCMS Life and Health Ministries, shares details about the program, and past participants share personal stories from serving in Madagascar, Kenya and other underserved regions.

Christ’s Care for Children’s Bodies and Souls in Kenya

The LCMS’ new initiative “Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya” provides the opportunity to sponsor children like the boys from the Othoro school.

Kenya to re-integrate hundreds of returning militants

The 700 returning Kenyans had joined Somalia’s al-Shabab militant group that has attacked churches, malls, government institutions and schools.

MMT–Four Kinds of Care

No matter what kind of team we send, whether it is primary care, community health education, disaster response, or a combination of the three, there is another kind of care that we include on all of our trips—spiritual care.

Mercy Medical Teams–Why Do You Do That?

We don’t know how God will use our presence in the community, but we do know that He uses it abundantly. And thanks be to Him for that!

Medical Mercy Teams–How Do You Do That?

I’m still not sure how we treat so many patients during our clinics. All I know is that God makes it happen. His hurting people show up, and He uses our team members’ hands, heads, and hearts to heal them, body and soul.

Kenya religious leaders urge unity in face of Garissa massacre

Christian and Muslim leaders preach unity after a horrific terrorist attack at Garissa University College.

Synod, Kenya Lutherans fight hunger, share Gospel

U.S. and Kenyan Lutherans work together to distribute food and share the Gospel among more than 500 families in drought-stricken northern Kenya.

Extending Mercy in Rural Africa

Madison McKinney, a college junior, was part of an LCMS Mercy Medical Team trip to Kenya in June.

LCMS Mercy Medical Team in Kenya, East Africa

An LCMS Mercy Medical Team brings care and mercy to the suffering in East Africa.

COP applies ‘Koinonia Project’ to church issues

The LCMS Council of Presidents divides into groups to work through such issues each time it meets, until April 2015.

Christian lawyers in Kenya oppose transgender name change

A transgender person who has sued the government to be recognized as a woman fights a group of Christian lawyers who are opposed to her petition.

Walking alongside East Africa

Churches in East Africa — namely Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania — are growing at a rapid pace as they hold fast to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.

International Mercy Grant – Funds Micro-Loan Project in Kenya

Deaconesses are “tireless workers, carrying out God’s mercy and compassion for people throughout Kenya,” says the Rev. David Chuchu, the ELCK Diakonia Compassionate Ministry (DCM) project coordinator. But deaconesses also struggle with many of the same financial strains that affect the people they serve.