NALC, LCMS reps address biblical authority, contemporary issues

Leaders of the Synod and the North American Lutheran Church meet Sept. 9-10 in St. Louis, continuing discussions that began in late 2011.

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

The world isn’t waiting for the Church to make a reasonable argument for the Gospel. The world simply wants the Church to be quiet.

Harrison urges members to join Sept. 12 ‘Day of Remembrance’

Synod President Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison invites LCMS Lutherans to gather in prayer for the “Day of Remembrance” for aborted children.

Defending the sanctity of life — how you can help

Learn what you can do to help defend life.

Cruz tries to rouse evangelicals with campaign against Planned Parenthood

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is waging a campaign to defund Planned Parenthood, an effort he insists isn’t political.

Former Iowa webcam-abortion clinic now pro-life health center

An Iowa LCMS congregation and local community celebrate the conversion of a former Planned Parenthood clinic to what is now a pro-life women’s health and resource center.

LCMS National Mission leaders call for action on abortion

Their Aug. 20 statement denounces Planned Parenthood and urges Synod members to action in a variety of forms.

Harrison on third Planned Parenthood video: ‘Pray boldly … defend life’

LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison offers encouragement while calling for prayer and action in the wake of a third undercover Planned Parenthood video.

Second Planned Parenthood video points to ‘callous business of killing’

A second undercover video from the Center for Medical Progress is released July 21.

LCMS pro-life leaders host media

LCMS Sanctity of Life Committee members address organ-harvesting video during a July 16 press conference.

Lawmakers call for probes into Planned Parenthood video allegations

The health-care and abortion provider is under fire by pro-life activists for allegedly selling fetal organs for profit.

National Mission’s Day denounces Planned Parenthood

The Rev. Bart Day, executive director of the LCMS Office of National Mission, responds to a newly released video implicating Planned Parenthood in the sale of aborted babies’ body parts.

Ultrasound-based resource shows students ‘Life in the Womb’

“What is This? Looking at Life in the Womb” brings ultrasound technology into middle- and high-school classrooms to highlight the sanctity of human life.

LCMS denounces Planned Parenthood

LCMS leadership reminds Lutherans that unborn lives matter

Why Abortion Is Really Declining: The Juno Effect

What we’re witnessing is not an outbreak of Christian morality. Nor is it the sudden, widespread successful use of contraception, as some have claimed. Women are still getting pregnant out-of-wedlock. But unlike in the past, there’s not much stigma attached to being an unmarried mother. It’s what Peggy Drexler at The Huffington Post once dubbed “The Juno Effect,” after the 2008 film about a snarky teen mother who chooses life but adopts her baby to another single mom.

Millennials: the ‘don’t judge generation’ on sexual morality

More than half of 18- to 35-year-olds say that in some situations having an abortion is the “most responsible decision.”