Journal of Lutheran Mission

New Journal of Lutheran Mission considers ‘worldwide’ Lutheranism

The December 2017 issue is now available for free download.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: December 2017

Discover both the opportunities and challenges the Lutheran Church experiences 500 years after the Reformation.

‘Journal of Lutheran Mission’ considers Reformation’s impact

The August issue includes essays from the Sixth World Seminaries Conference.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: August 2017

The essays focused on the role of theological education and individual catechesis.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: March 2017

Interested in learning about LCMS missions and missionaries who will be pioneers of global mission work right here in our own backyard?

Journal outlines new domestic-mission frontiers

The March “Journal of Lutheran Mission” outlines the way that LCMS domestic missionaries and others are reaching out.

Special mission journal explores LCMS membership decline

Demographic reports in this special December “Journal of Lutheran Mission” explain the main reasons behind the decline and offer suggestions for reversing the trend.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: Special Edition

Learn the key factor behind the decline in LCMS membership

Journal outlines ‘ecumenical and mission opportunities’

The September “Journal of Lutheran Mission” highlights the Synod’s opportunities to walk with other confessional churches around the world.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: September 2016

Throughout time, the Church continues to reform and repent, dialogue and discern. This issue focuses on the community of believers who call themselves Lutheran and the confession they make as a result.

Communications, periodicals recognized by religious press groups

The department and its four periodicals receive a record 23 total awards from the Associated Church Press and the Evangelical Press Association.

Journal critiques seminary models, theological education

The new edition includes papers from the third annual LCMS Mission Summit last November.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: April 2016

Featuring papers from the recent LCMS Mission Summit, the April issue of the Journal of Lutheran Mission discusses and critiques seminary education and the importance of teaching the faith both at home and around the world.

Reformation meets world in special mission journal

The December “Journal of Lutheran Mission” highlights papers and discussions from the International Lutheran Council World Conference.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: December 2015

In the special December issue of the Journal of Lutheran Mission, church leaders from around the world offer insights from a recent International Lutheran Council meeting, discussing how Lutherans are poised to take the Reformation into the world.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: September 2015

The September 2015 issue of The Journal of Lutheran Mission focuses on the 2015 Reformation celebration.