X-Ministry News

KFUO Audio: U.S. Air Force colonel suspended for marriage beliefs

Free to be Faithful® program on KFUO.org discusses the case of U.S. Air Force Colonel Leland Bohannon, who was suspended from command in May 2017 after he refused to sign a certificate of appreciation and publicly affirm the same-sex spouse of a retiring subordinate.

Life Together News Digest
Life Together with President Harrison – November 2017

We’ve heard about great Reformation 500 celebrations all over the country so we’re excited to share some of those with you.

Reaching Rural America for Christ
Reaching Rural America for Christ — November 2017

The LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission newsletter encourages all congregations and their members to join the great army of individuals who are laboring for the harvest of new believers.

The Blessing of Synergy in Team Ministry

Muench’s presentation will discuss the value of working as a team.

LCMS Worship: 2017-18 hymn suggestions for Series B and One-Year Series

LCMS Worship provides hymn suggestions for 2017-18 for Series B and the One-Year Series.

KFUO Audio: Religious freedom cases in the Supreme Court

October’s Free to be Faithful® program on KFUO.org discusses important pending U.S. Supreme Court cases that have significant ramifications for religious freedom in America.

Advent Midweek Suggestions – 2017

LCMS Worship provides suggestions for liturgy, psalms, readings, hymns and collects to use during 2017 midweek Advent services.

Oct. 22 church bulletin insert, flier for Disaster Response aid

The LCMS encourages congregations to use the following church bulletin insert and flier to inform members how they can join relief efforts in Puerto Rico, California, and beyond.

RSO News Update
RSO News Update – Fourth Quarter 2017

The LCMS Recognized Service Organizations newsletter for Fourth Quarter 2017 features the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in North Dakota.

Life Together News Digest
Life Together with President Harrison – October 2017

This month’s Life Together News Digest focuses on 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

LCMS Worship: Hymn of the Day Studies for Pre-Lent – One-Year Lectionary

LCMS Worship provides Hymn of the Day Studies for Pre-Lent according to the One-Year Lectionary. The Word in Song studies hymns in Lutheran Service Book.

Puerto Rico update: Interview with Missionary Matt Ruesch

An LCMS Disaster Response team has been on the ground in Puerto Rico this past week as part of an initial assessment trip.

Oct. 15 church bulletin insert, flier for Puerto Rico relief

Despite the challenges of blocked roads and collapsed bridges, Lutherans will bring Christ’s mercy to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

TimeLine Newsletter – Third Quarter 2017

A great experience was had by many at the 2017 Lutherans in Black Ministry Family Convocation this summer in Birmingham, Ala. More than 500 people attended the event, coming together “All for Jesus” to worship Him in Word, in Sacrament, and with hymns and spiritual songs.

Puerto Rico Relief: church bulletin insert, flier

The utter devastation in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria in September 2017 calls to mind the caring Christians who give so graciously, ensuring Christ’s mercy comes swiftly to those affected by catastrophe.