District Conventions

Iowa West elects Turner new district president

The Rev. Dr. Steven D. Turner of Algona, Iowa, is the new president of the LCMS Iowa District West.

Florida-Georgia District re-elects Walton

The Rev. Gregory Walton of Orlando, Fla., is re-elected president, by acclamation, for his third three-year term.

Wicher elected to third term in Eastern District

The Rev. Dr. Chris Wicher of Cheektowaga, N.Y., is re-elected — on the first ballot — as district president.

Minnesota South District re-elects Nadasdy

On the first ballot, delegates elect the Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy of Woodbury, Minn., to his second term as district president.

English District elects Hardy to first term

The Rev. Dr. Jamison J. Hardy of Finleyville, Pa., is elected president of the nongeographical district.

Missouri elects Hagan new district president

The Rev. Dr. R. Lee Hagan of Concordia, Mo., is elected Missouri District president on the first ballot.

New England delegates re-elect Yeadon

At the New England District convention, the Rev. Timothy Yeadon is elected to his second term as district president.

Northwest District re-elects Linnemann

Delegates to the LCMS Northwest District’s 64th convention elect the Rev. Paul Linnemann on the first ballot to his third term as district president.

Snow elected to first term in Nebraska District

The Rev. Richard Snow of Battle Creek, Neb., succeeds the Rev. Dr. Russell Sommerfeld as district president.

South Wisconsin District elects Wille to fourth term

District convention delegates re-elect District President Rev. Dr. John C. Wille and all four vice-presidents.

North Wisconsin District re-elects Lueck president

Delegates to the district’s 51st convention re-elect the Rev. Dwayne M. Lueck unanimously on the first ballot.

Rocky Mountain District re-elects Anderson

Delegates elect the Rev. Allen Anderson by acclamation to his second term as district president.

Texas District re-elects Hennings to top post

The Rev. Ken Hennings is elected to his fourth term as president during the district’s June 4-6 convention.

Atlantic District delegates elect Lecakes president

The Rev. Derek G. Lecakes of Niskayuna, N.Y., will succeed the Rev. Dr. David Benke as the district’s new president.

Southern District elects Schultz to fifth term

Delegates to the district’s 74th convention re-elect the Rev. Kurtis Schultz as district president.

Steinbronn re-elected in New Jersey

New Jersey District convention delegates elect the Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinbronn to his second term as district president.