Free to Be Faithful

Photo gallery: 2017 LCMS Life Conference

Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod members and guests gathered for the 2017 LCMS Life Conference on Jan. 27-29 at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Va.

Photo gallery: 2017 March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod participated in the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Jan. 27.

KFUO Audio: History, preview of March for Life

March for Life president Jeanne Mancini discusses the annual event with KFUO Radio host Kip Allen on Jan. 18, 2017, during a Free to be Faithful program.

KFUO to host March for Life president

For the Jan. 18 “Free to be Faithful” program, Jeanne Mancini shares plans for the Jan. 27 March for Life in Washington, D.C.

KFUO Audio: The Secularization of Christmas

During a Dec. 21 “Free to be Faithful” radio program, the Rev. Christopher Thoma and Worldwide KFUO moderator Kip Allen Recent discussed instances of government hostility toward religion and the secularization of Christmas.

KFUO program eyes secularization of Christmas

This trend is the topic of discussion for Worldwide KFUO’s next “Free to be Faithful” program at 2:30 p.m. (Central time) on Dec. 21.

KFUO Audio: Impact of election results on LCMS

Washington observer and LCMS member Tim Goeglein joined KFUO Radio host Kip Allen on Nov. 16 to analyze the 2016 election results.

Program to consider effects of election results on LCMS

Worldwide KFUO’s Nov. 16 “Free to be Faithful” program features moderator Kip Allen and Washington observer Tim Goeglein.

LCMS awaits response from DoD in request to protect troops’ religious freedom

It remains unclear if Department of Defense (DoD) officials will respond to the Synod’s Sept. 8 request to ensure protections for chaplains, service members and others, following the DoD’s recently mandated LGBT policies.

KFUO Audio: Responsibility of Christians in Kingdom of the Left

Rev. Larry Beane talks with KFUO Radio’s Kip Allen on Oct. 19 about the obligation of Christians in the Kingdom of the Left regarding the election of officials. Are Christians required to vote? What is the role of the conscience in the election process?

KFUO program to discuss Lutherans and upcoming election

Worldwide KFUO’s “Free to be Faithful” October 19 program examines Lutheran responsibilities in the presidential election.

Synod joins amicus brief for florist sued twice over marriage view

The amicus brief supports Richland, Wash., floral designer Barronelle Stutzman, who faces two lawsuits for refusing to use her artistic abilities for a same-sex wedding ceremony.

KFUO Audio: Rights of Christians in Academia

First Liberty Institute attorney Justin Butterfield and Florida State University student and teaching assistant Darrell Jordan talk with KFUO Radio’s Kip Allen about challenges and the rights of Christians in academic settings. Christian students and faculty, including those on college campuses, face many challenges in an environment that is increasingly hostile to religion.

KFUO program to discuss challenges of education

The program hosted by Kip Allen is set for airing and online streaming Sept. 21 at 2:30 p.m. Central Time.

Protecting troops’ religious freedom: LCMS calls for clear DoD guidance

The Synod sends a formal request to the Secretary of Defense to ensure specific protections for chaplains, service members and other defense personnel, as Christian service members face increasing pressures in today’s military.

KFUO Audio: 2016 presidential election issues important to the LCMS

In an Aug. 17 broadcast, Worldwide KFUO’s Free to be Faithful moderator Kip Allen and the Rev. Christopher Thoma discussed the November 2016 presidential election, and they addressed issues of special importance to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.