KFUO Audio: 2017 Life Conference Preview

The 2017 LCMS Life Conference is Jan. 27-29 in Arlington, Va., and four of the speakers were on KFUO to talk about the importance of discussing life issues.

KFUO Audio: Deaconess Story and Formation

Deaconesses Amanda Van de Kamp and Deaconess Kristin Wassilak talked on Dec. 7 with KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates about becoming and serving as deaconesses in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

KFUO Audio: The Whole Family Matters

Bethesda Lutheran Communities’ Mona Fuerstenau says it’s important to involve the whole family of a person with a disability in the journey through life.

KFUO Audio: Aid in Living, Not Dying

Dr. Ken Stevens, spokesperson for the Physician Aid in Living Coalition, talked on Nov. 21 with KFUO Radio host Andy Bates about how euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide conflicts with the vocation of doctor.

KFUO Audio: History of Chaplains in the Military

Chaplain Craig Muehler, director of LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces, spoke on Nov. 9 about the role and history of chaplains in the military during a World Lutheran News Digest program with KFUO host Kip Allen.

KFUO Audio: Impact of election results on LCMS

Washington observer and LCMS member Tim Goeglein joined KFUO Radio host Kip Allen on Nov. 16 to analyze the 2016 election results.

Program to consider effects of election results on LCMS

Worldwide KFUO’s Nov. 16 “Free to be Faithful” program features moderator Kip Allen and Washington observer Tim Goeglein.

KFUO Audio: Responsibility of Christians in Kingdom of the Left

Rev. Larry Beane talks with KFUO Radio’s Kip Allen on Oct. 19 about the obligation of Christians in the Kingdom of the Left regarding the election of officials. Are Christians required to vote? What is the role of the conscience in the election process?

KFUO program to discuss Lutherans and upcoming election

Worldwide KFUO’s “Free to be Faithful” October 19 program examines Lutheran responsibilities in the presidential election.

KFUO Audio: Rights of Christians in Academia

First Liberty Institute attorney Justin Butterfield and Florida State University student and teaching assistant Darrell Jordan talk with KFUO Radio’s Kip Allen about challenges and the rights of Christians in academic settings. Christian students and faculty, including those on college campuses, face many challenges in an environment that is increasingly hostile to religion.

KFUO program to discuss challenges of education

The program hosted by Kip Allen is set for airing and online streaming Sept. 21 at 2:30 p.m. Central Time.

KFUO Audio: Church work careers for young people and how the Concordia institutions contribute

Concordia University System President Dr. Dean O. Wenthe talks about church work career training at Concordia universities and colleges, and Concordia University Chicago’s Kristin Wassilak and Steve Landgraf discuss the Careers for Christ visit weekend Oct. 28-30, 2016, at CUC.

KFUO Audio: Rev. Johnson discusses upcoming Disaster Response conference

The Rev. Ross Johnson, director of LCMS Disaster Response, and KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates talk about the 2016 National Disaster Response Conference, which is scheduled for Oct. 18-20 at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Ind.

KFUO Audio: Miscarriage and coping with loss

Toni Larson, a clinical social worker, and the Rev. Steven Cholak talk with KFUO Radio host Andy Bates about miscarriage and coping with loss.

KFUO Audio: LCMS Soldiers and Veterans of the Cross programs

The Rev. Dr. Carlos Hernandez, director of Church and Community Engagement for the LCMS Office of National Mission, talks with KFUO Radio host Andy Bates about the LCMS Soldiers of the Cross and Veterans of the Cross mercy programs.

KFUO Audio: Christ Academy Confirmation Retreat at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne

The Rev. John Dreyer, Director of Admission at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind., talks with KFUO Radio host Andy Bates about the Christ Academy Confirmation Retreat scheduled for Oct. 7-9 on the seminary’s campus.