KFUO Audio: 2016 presidential election issues important to the LCMS

In an Aug. 17 broadcast, Worldwide KFUO’s Free to be Faithful moderator Kip Allen and the Rev. Christopher Thoma discussed the November 2016 presidential election, and they addressed issues of special importance to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

KFUO Audio: Report on LCMS disaster response efforts in Louisiana and California

The Rev. Ross Johnson, director of LCMS Disaster Response, and Al Dowbnia of LCMS Communications, report on the flooding in Louisiana and the wildfires in California in mid-August 2016 during a KFUO Radio interview with Andy Bates.

KFUO program to target election issues

“Free to be Faithful” moderator Kip Allen hosts the Aug. 17 program.

KFUO Audio: Rev. Meyer discusses upcoming Disaster Response conference

The Rev. Michael Meyer, manager of LCMS Disaster Response, and KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates talk about the 2016 National Disaster Response Conference, which is scheduled for Oct. 18-20 at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Ind.

KFUO Audio: CHI’s Harmelink, Hillsdale’s Spalding discuss religion’s role in American history

The Rev. Dr. Dan Harmelink of the Concordia Historical Institute and Professor Matthew Spalding of Hillsdale College joined KFUO Radio’s Kip Allen to discuss how religion played a major role in the shaping of America from colonial times to the present.

KFUO Audio: The Supreme Court’s Decision on Texas House Bill 2

Tim Goeglein, Vice President of External Relations for Focus on the Family, talks with KFUO Radio’s Kip Allen about the repercussions of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt case.

KFUO Audio: Interview about 2017 LCMS Life Conference

Tracy Quaethem, manager of LCMS Life and Health Ministries, talks with KFUO Radio’s about the 2017 LCMS Life Conference, which is scheduled for Jan. 27-29 in the Washington, D.C. area.

KFUO Audio: Interview about LCMS ‘Gospel Seeds’ program

The Rev. Dr. Carlos Hernandez, director, Church and Community Engagement with the LCMS Office of National Mission, talks with KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates about the LCMS program “Planting Gospel Seeds while Serving Human Needs.” The program helps congregations develop ways to enable their neighbors to break the cycles of poverty and struggle.

KFUO Audio: Interview about Partners in Latino Ministry Conference in October 2016

The Rev. Richard Schlak, executive director of Lutheran Hispanic Missionary Institute, talks with KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates about the Partners in Latino Ministry Conference, which is scheduled for Oct. 19-21, 2016, in El Paso, Texas.

How to follow LCMS convention

With a variety of options, staying abreast of what’s happening at the July 9-14 convention will be easy.

KFUO Audio: Free To Be Faithful – Supreme Court on Abortion Clinics

The Supreme Court will decide if abortion clinics should be held to the same standards as other ambulatory surgery clinics.

ADF’s Baylor delves into legal issues facing LCMS schools

Attorney Gregory Baylor of Alliance Defending Freedom and LCMS ministry leaders address what schools can do and highlight a resource available in July.

KFUO Audio: Critical issues facing Lutheran schools in today’s political landscape

KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates discussed issues facing Lutheran schools during interviews with the Rev. Bart Day, Executive Director of the LCMS Office of National Mission; Terry Schmidt, Director of LCMS School Ministry; and Gregory S. Baylor, Senior Counsel and Director of the Center for Religious Schools at the Alliance Defending Freedom.

KFUO Audio: LCMS Disaster Response’s Camp Courage resources

KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates hosted a discussion on May 17 about the LCMS Disaster Response campaign to raise funds for Camp Courage supplies. Rev. Ross Johnson, director, LCMS Disaster Response; Rev. Michael Meyer, manager, LCMS Disaster Response; Gail Pawlitz, educator and editor; and Leah S. Sieveking, LCMS Mission Advancement talk about the new Camp Courage resources to serve children affected by disaster.

KFUO Audio: St. Mark’s Lutheran responds to winter 2015 floods in Eureka, Mo.

During an interview on May 16 with KFUO Radio’s Andy Bates, the Rev. Bob Liebmann and Denise Kasten of St. Mark’s Lutheran in Eureka, Mo., talk about St. Mark’s response to Christmas week 2015 floods in the Eureka, Mo., area.

KFUO Audio: The vocation of chaplains

During an interview with KFUO Radio’s Joanie Harwell on May 13, the Rev. Tristan Engle, who is preparing to serve as a U.S. Navy chaplain, and the Rev. Craig Muehler, director of LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces, talk about becoming a chaplain in the armed forces.