LCMS Board of Directors

COP addresses convention, call-list ‘best practices’

They are among a variety of matters covered at the Nov. 16-19 meeting of the LCMS Council of Presidents, which ended in a joint session with the Synod’s Board of Directors.

Fiscal conference participants weigh future of Synod

Leaders from across the Synod gather to address priority issues affecting the future of the LCMS.

Board OKs forming CPS ‘ancillary program agency’

At its Aug. 21-22 meeting, the LCMS Board of Directors also establishes regular meetings between top Synod leaders and leaders of Synodwide corporate entities.

Board adopts $81.8 million Synod budget

Synod Chief Financial Officer Jerald C. Wulf tells the LCMS Board of Directors that the 2016 budget “balances expected revenues against anticipated expenses.”

Board learns Synod finances improving — slightly

The LCMS Board of Directors hears good news about a couple areas of the Synod’s financial situation at its Feb. 13-14 meeting.

Commentary: Meet your Board of Directors

LCMS Board Chairman Rev. Michael Kumm provides an overview of the Board and its work.

Board of Directors marks progress on Wittenberg Project

Work is expected to be complete in time for the building’s dedication planned for May.

Board approves matching funds to boost urban/inner-city mission

In addition to adopting several other actions at its Aug. 22 meeting, the Synod’s Board of Directors held its triennial retreat.

Board OKs ‘balanced’ $75.5 million Synod budget

During its May 16-17 meeting in St. Louis, the LCMS Board of Directors also sets Milwaukee as the site for the 2016 Synod convention.

Board, COP set same regions for 2016 convention

Among actions at its Feb. 14 meeting, the LCMS Board of Directors approves the five regions into which LCMS districts are grouped.

Former LCMS Board member Edwin Trapp Jr. dies

Trapp — a leader at the Synod, district and local levels — dies. Feb. 12 at age 82. The memorial service was Feb. 18.

BOD hears LCEF’s proposal for sponsoring a credit union

It would be for LCMS congregations and their members, as well as other LCMS-related entities and people. (File photo)

COP, BOD hold joint annual session

Synod leaders hear updates about each group’s work, as well as on Concordia Retirement Plan changes and health-care reform.

Rev. Dr. Ihno Janssen, former LCMS Board member, dies

A memorial service is held Nov. 2 at West Portal Lutheran Church in San Francisco.

Board of Directors gets ready for new triennium

The Synod’s Board of Directors elects officers for the 2013-16 triennium and takes a number of other actions.