Letters to the Editor (July 2014)

A letter from a reader about computer use by pastors. Are computers a help or a hindrance to ministry?

Pressure Points (June 2014)

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung discusses how congregations can be welcoming and supportive to new church workers.

Pressure Points (May 2014)

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung discusses the issue of computer use by pastors: how much is too much?

Pressure Points (October 2013)

The conversation about pastors having friends in the congregation continues.

Pressure Points (September 2013)

Is at least one close friendship in the congregation “critical” for pastors? The Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung shares responses to that question.

PALS can make pastors’ sem-to-parish transitions smoother

More than 40 facilitators for the Synod’s Post-Seminary Applied Learning and Support program attend an annual training conference to discuss “best practices and good ideas.”

Pressure Points (July 2013)

This month’s column explores how a new pastor might best begin ministry with his first congregation.

Pressure Points (May 2013)

The “Pressure Points” column for May 2013 explores conflicts between and among congregational lay leaders and pastors.