The Lutheran Witness

January ‘Lutheran Witness’ explores digital technology in Christian life

The issue also debuts a new monthly column by Gene Edward Veith.

Christmas is in the air… and in The Lutheran Witness!

The December issue features articles on candlelight services, Advent activities and Christmas programs, as well as a holiday gift guide for Lutherans.

November ‘Lutheran Witness’: State of the Synod

The November issue provides both a big picture outlook as well as a series of smaller “snapshots.”

October ‘Lutheran Witness’ goes all out for Reformation

500th anniversary issue brings the past to bear on the present.

Got questions? August ‘Lutheran Witness’ has answers

Even stalwart Christians have questions about the faith — big queries about salvation, death and life, ethics and the Scriptures.

Baton passes for ‘Lutheran Witness’ managing editor

“Lutheran Witness” Managing Editor Adriane Heins moves on and is succeeded by Rachel Bomberger of Kent City, Mich.

In the June/July ‘Witness’

This issue of “The Lutheran Witness” explores suffering, dying, death and comfort in light of Christ and His cross.

In May’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Authors explore the connection between withstanding persecution and the need for a firm faith.

In April’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

This issue provides articles about observing Lent and Easter.

In March’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Articles in this issue explain how Christians can and ought to use science and reason in their proper places — in service to Scripture.

In February’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

This month’s edition offers a walk through the Ten Commandments, to better understand what each one means.

In January’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

In conjunction with the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., this edition previews life-related issues.

In December’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

This issue of the magazine addresses a variety of misconceptions regarding Christmas.

Positions (December 2016)

Positions are available with Lutheran Church Extension Fund, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Concordia University System, Concordia Plan Services and the Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots.

In October’s ‘Lutheran Witness’: Why the Reformation matters

Included are articles explaining what it means to believe in faith alone, grace alone, Scripture alone and Christ alone.

September ‘Witness’ addresses women and the Church

The issue tackles questions such as “Should women be drafted?” and “Why doesn’t the LCMS ordain women?”