The Lutheran Witness

In April’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

This issue of the magazine explores vocation, with stories like “Christ Works through You” and “What Is God’s Will for My Life?”

What’s in the March ‘Lutheran Witness’?

The issue focuses on topics of interest to college-age youth: the contraceptive culture, the death penalty, social media, sexual morality, depression and sin.

What’s in February’s ‘The Lutheran Witness’?

As the world moves toward Valentine’s Day, “The Lutheran Witness” looks at a topic the Church is sometimes reticent to discuss: sexuality.

In the January ‘Lutheran Witness’

Readers can learn how Christians are “Free to be Faithful” with regard to key social and religious issues today, specifically those of marriage, life and religious liberty.

In December’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

This edition starts with articles about Advent and also addresses topics such as how the Christian keeps Christ in Christmas.

Second issue of mission journal released

This volume addresses the Church’s expressing comfort and peace as Christians around the world face increasing persecution on account of Christ.