The Lutheran Witness

Gen. John Vessey Jr. was mission leader, Joint Chiefs chairman

Vessey died of natural causes Aug. 18 in North Oaks, Minn., surrounded by family, at the age of 94.

August’s ‘Witness’ focuses on Life Together

In this issue, readers can rejoice in the joy and comfort that Christians share as the body of Christ, gathered together around His Word and Sacraments.

In June’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

The June/July issue of “The Lutheran Witness” offers a sneak peek at what will be discussed and voted on at the 66th LCMS convention.

In May’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Speaking about the faith to people who don’t believe is the focus of this issue of the magazine.

Communications, periodicals recognized by religious press groups

The department and its four periodicals receive a record 23 total awards from the Associated Church Press and the Evangelical Press Association.

In April’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Theologians and church workers answer common questions from parishioners, such as “Is the Lord’s Supper really Christ’s body and blood?”

Rural & Small Town Mission Conference set for Wichita

This year’s conference is planned for Nov. 3-5 in Wichita, Kan., under the theme “Mission at Home: Standing Where You Are Planted.”

In March’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Mercy — from its scriptural foundation to how it appears in our daily lives — is the focus of the magazine’s March issue.

In February’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

With love as the focus of this issue, readers will be reminded of “God’s acts of love” for us and learn about St. Valentine.

What’s in the January ‘Lutheran Witness’?

What are the five resolutions every Lutheran should keep in 2016? Read this issue to find out.

In December’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Writers span both the penitence of Advent and the celebration of Christmas, while keeping the focus on Christ.

In November’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

In the special “State of the Synod” issue, readers get an in-depth look at the LCMS ministries, resources and people ready to serve them.

In October’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Those interested in Lutheranism, history and the Church can now learn more about all three in the October issue of “The Lutheran Witness.”

In September’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

The September issue of ‘The Lutheran Witness’ tackles commonly misunderstood myths regarding Christianity.

In August’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

In this issue, readers will learn what makes the Church the Church, what young adults need from their congregations, why the Divine Service unites people and much more.

In the June/July ‘Lutheran Witness’

Infertility, children, miscarriage, adoption and family are among the topics discussed in this issue of the LCMS magazine.